Art and children, how to make it child’s play!

“Little artist” by Beatrice Brandini

“Composition with red, yellow and blue” Piet Mondrian

Art should be a subject of study introduced from childhood, but it would be important to explain it in a light way, starting with artists who are “closest” to children.

“Cat and bird” by Paul Klee

“The Magic of Pisces” by Paul Klee

“Klee on girl inspiration” by Beatrice Brandini

A child begins to draw from the earliest years of life, from the age of four he begins a path of improvement, therefore drawing is a therapeutic, liberating, relaxing game. It doesn’t matter if the tree or house it is representing is truthful or surreal, he is communicating through colors. And since the effort of children, as they grow up, is often directed towards the improvement of what they see, abstract art is an inverse process (precisely of abstraction), I paint freely because I want to, I spread the colors instinctively, without the pressure of having to represent a dog or a house well. The beginning is something immediate. It is the matter that decides . J. Mirò

In this regard, have you ever observed children drawing together? It is a beautiful sight because you will surprise them attentive (incredible!) and happy, focused on expressing themselves spontaneously.

“The Universe” by Keith Haring

“The Dancer” by Keith Haring

“Haring on girl inspiration” by Beatrice Brandini

Each art work tells a story, and since an adult is influenced by the past of his author, by the historical context in which it was made, a child will certainly have a more spontaneous approach to what he sees, without conditioning, and that is why much easier to approach it to art.

“Faces” by Bruno Munari

“The Meo Romeo cat” by Bruno Munari

“Munari on girl inspiration” by Beatrice Brandini

Every child will be a man, if we contribute to his artistic formation, stimulating his curiosity and instilling beauty, I’m sure that today’s child will be a more creative and happy person tomorrow.

The artists closest to the childhood universe are:

Paul Klee who recognized a possible world in addition to the visible one, how many children are there who tell fantastic stories as if they were real? Virtually everyone. His main sources of inspiration are music and nature, two incredibly important universes also for the education of children. Furthermore, his uniqueness is the strength of the color; matter, color. stains, abstractionism…. What do children do differently when they draw? I chose “The magic of fishes” and “Cat and bird”, two masterpieces that your children will surely like.

“The murderer” by Joan Mirò

Work of Joan Mirò

“Inspiration Mirò on girl” by Beatrice Brandini

Keith Haring with his “weird” characters who jump, dance and scream. A fantastic world suitable for children. Haring’s art is immediate and an antidote to escape from reality. After all, one of his sources of inspiration was a certain Walt Disney. His graffiti are in fact similar to cartoons, colorful and with simple features.

Bruno Munari, who defined his ideal audience as that of children, “they know what they want and don’t have many preconceptions, if they don’t like something they immediately say it without much compliments”. He was the first to create artistic toys such as the Gatto Meo (winner of the Compasso d’Oro in 1954), a foam animal designed for an active and participating child, a thin copper wire inserted in the foam allowed him to move it as He wanted.

“Inspiration Picasso on girl” di Beatrice Brandini

“Inspiration Kandinsky on girl” di Beatrice Brandini

“Inspiration Pascali on girl” di Beatrice Brandini

Finally Joan Mirò, perfect, with his combinations of shapes and colors, the children who see those spots on the canvas recognize them as their own. “More than the painting itself, what matters is what it emanates and diffuses in the air. It doesn’t matter if the painting is destroyed. Art can also die; what matters is that he sowed seeds on the earth ”. Joan Mirò

But we could continue with Picasso, Kandinsky, Pascali, formidable artists who have never abandoned their playful side.

Do not judge art, much less that made by children, just have fun together. “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up ”. Pablo Picasso; and again: “It took me four years to paint like Rafael, a lifetime to paint like a child”.

Good life to everyone! 



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