Bags. inalienable objects of desire

1 Jacquelinejpeg

Jacqueline by Beatrice Brandini 

2 Collage Borse per Blog

It Bag…..

” If you are unhappy and sad and I do not know why, I think of the things I love the most and come back to me the seren”,  from the movie The Sound of Music.

We may use this refrain whenever we feel down, I think it’s a perfect antidote to the little sorrows, bad thoughts, bad days.

But we can get up even when we think of bags, those we love, those who have entered the myth, or those who are about to enter our wardrobe; bags are in fact better than a psychoanalysis session, they are our allies in gathering our whole world, in perfecting a look, in accompanying us on adventures and travels, and, last but not least, they can become the testimony of our loves.

In this post I wanted to tell the story of some bags that have become myths, true icons, in the magnificent world of fashion.

1 chanel1    2 Chanel collage

Chanel 2.55                                                 Altre versioni

3 Chanel    3 Borsa 2.55

Chanel 2.55 on the street…(Karolina Kurkova)       2:55 Reinterpreted by Beatrice Brandini

Chanel 2.55 is the classic quilted Chanel leather shoulder bag (but there are many other versions) with the leather interlaced chain, founded in 1955 by the legendary fashion house Chanel. Its reputation has since remained intact.

4 BIRKIncopia copia    4 Schizzo borsa Hermes

Hermes Birkin leather                                             Birkin Reinterpreted by Beatrice Brandini

5 olivia    6 marc_jacobs

Birkin on the street (Olivia Palermo e Marc Jacobs)

The Hermes Birkin was created specifically for the actress Jane Birkin in the eighties. It is said that Jean Louis Dumas, the late president of Hermes, created her after he met the actress on a Paris-London flight, Jane Birkin traveling with a straw bag (the class is not water) complaining about how much was difficult to find a comfortable and roomy bag but at the same time with style. Dumas promised her that he invented the bag “perfect” for her needs. Became a myth thanks to the long waiting lists for it. It ‘an investment (for those who can afford it) as well as being a true “must have” is made entirely by hand, available in three sizes and madein various colors and materials.

7 Jackie-O-Gucci    8 Gucci-New-Jackie-Large-Shoulder-Borse-137_LRG

Jackie O di Gucci                                                            New Jackie di Gucci

9 jackie-o-2    1 Jacquelinejpeg

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis with una Jackie O       Jackie reinterpreted by Beatrice Brandini

The Gucci Jackie O, is a reissue of the legendary Jackie, inspired by one of the icons of excellence, or Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Bag seemingly simple and functional, it is instead incredibly sophisticated in its simplicity. Became a myth thanks to all the amazing and charismatic characters who have worn.

10 kelly    11 hermes-kelly-bag-front

Kelly Hermes in leather                          Crocodile skin Kelly

 11 grace kelly con bolso de hermes 1956

Famous photo of Princess Grace Kelly 1956

 11 bis catherinezetajones_dm    Borsa Kelly di B blog

Kelly on the street (Catherine Zeta Jones)       Kelly reinterpreted by Beatrice Brandini

The Hermes Kelly, born as incredibly evolution of a bag used by riders in the hunt. Made famous thanks to Princess Grace, who, in a fit of the fifties, she used to disguise a pregnancy newly discovered but not yet announced. Since then she has taken her name. In this case you do not count the waiting lists for it in the Hermes boutiques all over the world.

ref-A36138    13 FENDI-Baguette-Paglia

14 fendi-baguette-15th-anniversary-collection-spring-2003-gold-laminated-leather    15 Fendi baguette

Fendi Baguette fabric, straw, metallic leather, pony ……

16 FENDI-for-Paz-Vega_2-2-500x750   17 Fendi-Baguette-for-Alexandra-Richards1-500x750   18 Jade Jagger

Baguette on the street (Paz Vega, Alexandra Richards, Jade Jagger)

The Fendi Baguette, born in 1997 from an idea by Silvia Venturini Fendi, or to create a practical bag and “fast” to take under her arm just like the baguette (French loaf). Photographed on a lot of stars, the height of his fame and celebration in a monograph dedicated to her.

19 bis Louis Vuitton    19 louis-vuitton-neverfull-damier-

Neverfull damier and monogram by  Louis Vuitton

20 ilary duff    Borsa Neverfull

Neverfull on the street (Hilary Duff)      Neverfull reinterpreted by Beatrice Brandini

The Neverfull by Louis Vuitton, very capacious (this is the reason of her name) and very practical. And ‘perhaps the most copied bag of all time.

21 balenciaga_the_city

City di Balenciaga

22 nicolerichiebalenciaga-1-1    23 beyonce-Balenciaga day bag

City on the street (Nicole Richie, Beyonce)

The City of Balenciaga, one of the icons of the end of the last century, has even imposed a new way to wear the bag in the crook of the elbow with the arm bent. Worn by celebrities and fashion bloggers from around the world, even when you do not even know the meaning of this word

24 Paddington    25 paddington-bag-chloe

Paddington Chloé

26 kb_chloe_paddington    Borsa Paddington di B blog

Paddington on the street (Kate Bosworth)           Paddington reinterpreted by Beatrice Brandini

The Chloé Paddington, also this bag is entered in myth and wishlist of us women, characterized by a large padlock that made it different and special.

Schermata 2013-12-12 alle 20.11.3528 BambooSchermata 2013-12-12 alle 20.13.16

New Gucci Bamboo

30 Paola di Liegi nel 1964    Florence Welch Sighting In London - September 4th, 2012

Paola di Liegi with a Bamboo bag, 1964   Bamboo on the street (Florence Welch)

The Bamboo Gucci handbag legendary Florentine house of luxury, born in the late Forties. Revised and reissued in several versions, thanks to the creative director Frida Giannini, holds the handle all his myth.

31 bagonghi-di-roberta-di-camerino    32 Roberta-Di-Camerino-Bagonghi-for-Grace-Kelly

The Bagonghi Roberta di Camerino, is one of the first bags madein Italy, want from women all over the world. Became famous in the fifties thanks to the stars, noblewomen, the socialite, who wore and with whom they were photographed. Made from a precious velvet with a classic stiff handle to carry by hand.

33 Speedy    34 Borsa-Speedy-Luis-Vuitton

Speedy Monogram                                          Speedy Murakami

35 miranda-kerr-e-bauletto-vuitton    36 jennifer-love-hewitt-con-la-speedy

Speedy on the street (Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Love Hewitt)

The Louis Vuitton Speedy, is  the classic Louis Vuitton trunk, but we could say the classic trunk par excellence. Born in the Thirties for the travelers of that time (and today), it became famous both in Monogram version and in the most current Damier. It has, in recent history, has undergone several transformations and has become a “canvas” for great modern artists (T.Murakami, S.Sprouse, Y. Kusama).

37 Oversized-Muse-in-Gold-Leather

Muse di YSL gold metallic leather 

 38 muse_alba    39 kate-moss

Muse on the street… (Jessica Alba, Kate Moss)

The Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag worn by many famous stars, but of all I would like to mention that Kate Moss, certainly has made it even more famous and desirable. Is very large, as for all the bags become myth, been declined in many versions, both as materials and colors.

40 mombasa    41 mombasa-pailletes

Mombasa in  leather                      Mombasa with sequins

The Mombasa Yves Saint Laurent, another bag of Laurent house, designed by the brilliant Tom Ford, characterized in true stag horn handle that makes each model unique and exclusive.

42 Lady Dior    43 beige-patent-lady-dior-bag

Lady Bag di Dior

 44 Diana

Lady Diana con la Lady bag di Dior

The Lady Dior was born as a tribute to Princess Diana in 1995. Its uniqueness, as well as beauty, is in the process because cannage and the stitching of the leather.

“It ‘s only a bag, but we feel naked without.” Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

Good life to all!







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