Helmut Newton on display in San Gimignano, a World Heritage Site.

French Vogue, 1996. Photo by Helmut Newton “Sensuality” by Beatrice Brandini The grand retrospective dedicated to Helmut Newton, promoted by the Civic Museums of the Municipality of San Gimignano and produced by Opera-Civita with the collaboration of the Helmut Newton Foundation of Berlin, will be inaugurated today at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art […]

Happy Birthday Barbie, seventy years of a Star!

“Barbie Bowl” limited edition “Barbie” by Beatrice Brandini The success of the Barbie doll can be attributed to innumerable factors, but I believe that among all there is the fact that this revolutionary doll represents a free and independent woman, with the ability to be light, fun, beautiful, but also self-confident, interpreter of the aesthetic […]

Icon Vintage Dress (part one)

Yves Saint Laurent  interpreted by Beatrice Brandini Collage of vintage clothes and accessories from a private collection, photo A.G. A few years ago my blog was born and my first lighting, my first post (June 2013), spoke of the phenomenon of vintage and the most significant fashions in the history of fashion, or “ICON VINTAGE […]

LEGO: bricks that come to life and make children’s dreams come true.

“Death on the head”, creation of my son “LEGO groupies” by Beatrice Brandini I have spoken several times about toys, indispensable means for entertainment and the company of children, but also a way to bring back the great ones to the joys of childhood, and finally protagonists of exhibitions like objects of art and collecting. […]