“Virginia” by Beatrice Brandini 

I like to define my illustrations as Creative Aesthetics, as they feed on ideas, suggestions and artistic influences that inspire my life. These impressions help me to find my characters, especially women, and to give them a shape that, for the most part, is conditioned by my mood, by what I have seen or felt.

“Diana” by Beatrice Brandini

This is why I hope that my women will be able to arouse an emotion, even a small one, in the viewer, the same as I feel during my creative process. I would like these girls to talk to you, that through an expression or a pose, tell a story, theirs, or what you imagine, observing them.

Basically this is what we feel listening to a song or music, someone remembers a moment in his life, someone else fantasizes about a dream yet to be realized, however it is inevitable that each of us gets lost in our own thoughts. But what I want most is that “my women” can bring positivity and joy into the life of those who observe them.

“Magnetic red” by Beatrice Brandini 

The scarf, then, is an object that carries out a symbolic meaning, it is the Linus blanket that many of us, in different ways, have adopted to feel better (the dark outline in the eyes, a particular hair dye, a tattoo, a fringe…). A sort of talisman, with a placebo effect, which has accompanied me since adolescence, especially the striped one.

“Lo strappo” by Beatrice Brandini 

Also the concept of beauty deserves a separate note. I have always been convinced that it is an overrated aspect in judging a human being, above all because it is often the object of suffering, sometimes of despair. The examples proposed by the media and the consequent expectations of young women have, over the decades, become unattainable (also thanks to the cosmetic surgery that emulates and deceives a false youth or to the various filters that falsify reality). Often we don’t like what we see in the mirror, but in most cases this is not the problem, most of the time it is others who make us feel inadequate.

For this my women are beautiful, at least for me, but not perfect, with a veil of melancholy in the eyes that is the same as all of us, insecure and vulnerable. They are not Barbie, but real women, with different facets and shades.

We are who we are through our history. It is our life, the knowledge we have learned, the disappointments and joys, it is the set of our experiences that make us unique and worthy of being “welcomed”.

“Annette” by Beatrice Brandini

With my Creative Aestheticism I would like to make every woman feel with a capital W, women with different personalities and beauties, sweet and strong women, feminine but not seductive women. Women who, reading my stories, or looking at my illustrations, can identify themselves, finding their own emotions in their faces and eyes.

Good life to everyone!



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