ENTERTAINMENT 2.0, let’s take the kids to the museum!

“Milly al museo” by Beatrice Brandini

We’ve been locked up for a long time, every family, every parent tried to do / give your best to entertain your children, not always an easy task, but also a stimulating challenge.

Now that we are almost back to normal we could think of holidays, trips out of town, but also, very importantly, a day at the museum with our children. I have always tried to bring mine, choosing interactive exhibits, “easier and more playful” artists, preparing (sweetening) it for what it would see. It wasn’t always easy, but trying is always worth it.

How to dress for the museum? There is no diktat for anyone, let alone for children. I always have only one must, that they are comfortable and colorful, and even if now the love for black has significantly lowered the age target, we parents make them understand that colored are more beautiful.

I really like the collections of shop Cóndor, brand a Spanish brand that creates delicious things for children from 0 to 14 with creativity and simplicity. Their strength is also on children’s socks, elegant, resistant, but on their site you can also buy elegant men’s socks. A simple but necessary accessory, which is often never in its place, unpaired, discolored or even punctured (how many times have we blushed in the shoe store when our child had to try them on?).

In this post I show you which could be the most interesting destinations.

National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan. For science lovers it is possible to experiment, build, disassemble …

The City of Children and Young People in Genoa, a must-see is the panoramic lift that rotates 360 ° over the Old Port of Genoa, ça va sans dire, a project by Renzo Piano.

Mu.Se in Trento, again from a project by Renzo Piano (wonderful that you think about the future: children!). Flying reptiles, panels, interactive monitors… fantastic.

Science Center Immaginario Scientifico in Trieste, innovation and fun, “forbidden not to touch” could be their slogan, in fact the museum is based on the concept of learning through play. Who can resist?

Stibbert Museum in Florence, I have brought my son here many times, and every time he is always an emotion. 36,000 weapons and armor of overwhelming beauty and rarity.

“La Specola” Natural History Museum in Florence, an incredible zoological collection and the largest collection in the world of eighteenth-century anatomical waxes. Not to mention the Hall of Skeletons, where huge skeletons of cetaceans, giraffes and Indian elephants adorn a room of wonders.

Wow Space Comic in Milan temporary exhibitions where the protagonist is always the comics. The giant earthworm statue in the museum courtyard is a favorite mascot for children.

Museum of the Figurine in Modena I got it, I got it, missing … a mantra on the mouth of anyone who has been a child, unique of its kind, to be seen!

The National Cinema Museum in Turin, within reach of children, explains to us how films and cartoons are made, interactive, with memorabilia that have rightfully entered the collective imagination of all of us.

Casa del cioccolato in Perugia, a museum entirely dedicated to chocolate, do you think your children will say no when proposing it to them?

Capodimonte Museum is like leafing through a history of art book from the thirteenth to the twentieth century, in it we can in fact admire El Greco and Titian, Caravaggio and Botticelli, up to Warhol. But also pottery and armory.

There are many others, Italy is full of beauty and culture. Sometimes we don’t believe it enough and think that a Sunday at the museum is boring stuff, try it and then you will tell me …

All this beauty, history and knowledge made me think of a capsule for children inspired by the rarities and preciousness preserved in museums. These places should become the training ground for future generations, help them become strong, especially mentally.


Museum’s mood by Beatrice Brandini

“In front of the mystery of art” by Beatrice Brandini

Good life to everyone!



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