GIRLS WITH THE SCARF: Alice and the Pandarancio

“Alice and the Pandarancio” by Beatrice Brandini

What if Alice’s story was different? What if Alice stayed in Wonderland? What if so many of us are a little bit Alice?

Once upon a time there was a curious little girl, a bit lonely because her desire to know, learn, was often not shared with her companions. One day her class decided to go on a trip to the Tarot Garden in Maremma. Alice did not know it and she would never have imagined what she would see, even the most skeptical and cynical in front of that magnificent show were amazed. Alice was in her world, dragons, mirrors, mosaics, mysterious figures…, she was happy and finally “home”.

“The Tarot Garden” by Beatrice Brandini

At one point her scarf got stuck in a door handle, but it wasn’t a normal door, it was a mirror door (yes I know it’s weird!). In trying to free the scarf, she stepped on a colorful and rather angry gecko (the matter is getting more and more bizarre), who told her: “Finally you are here, we have been waiting for you!”

“Gecko” by Beatrice Brandini

Alice did not have it repeated twice, without too many questions she followed him. They entered that door and once inside they did not fall, did not see things on the contrary, she did not become small or gigantic, but was greeted by a huge roar. At first she didn’t understand, a few seconds later she realized that that noise was nothing more than a thunderous applause. But made by whom? Turning around she saw an incredible amount of butterflies and flowers, all of various sizes and nature, of sparkling colors, but she couldn’t believe that it was them, that they were animated and above all talking…. On a throne covered with colorful butterflies was the most beautiful flower of all, the Pandarancio. A giant flower, regal but simple, with a welcoming, magical corolla, its pistils emitted pollen capable of healing a contaminated nature, making it bloom instantly, purifying the air and landscape. Conveying courage and calm at the same time. It was their ruler, their sage. It was he who asked her to come closer and listened to her entire story, even though he already knew that Alice was in love with flowers and butterflies, of their beauty, that’s the reason for that warm welcome.

“Throne of butterflies of the Pandarancio” by Beatrice Brandini

Alice thought that maybe this was her world, maybe there she would finally feel understood.

Because my Alice was just like them, quite weird and unusual, curious, eccentric, with her scarf always around her neck summer and winter; a little pushy when he needed to know something that would enrich her thirst for knowledge. So why was she alone in the real world? Why did no child seem to share her passions?

“Flowers and Butterfly” by Beatrice Brandini

Alice was no different, but different were her interests, her desires, the goals she was beginning to set before her.

What must be done to be accepted, to become all the same? No, Alice didn’t want to homologate, and if that meant being alone or missing out on some party, that was fine too. She had her world made of fantasy and ideas, populated by strange characters like her with whom to dialogue, even if imaginatively, and why not, have fun. From that day on, the Pandarancio became her closest friend, always present and patient, but also authoritative and strict advisor.

For all the Alice, each of us is different and his story is different, we don’t always have to adapt. Instead, we cultivate our uniqueness, our passions, sooner or later we will find the right company with which to share our extraordinary journey.

Good life to everyone!



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