GIRLS WITH SCARF: Stellina, the beauty of life

“Stellina in the cold” by Beatrice Brandini

Millions of years ago, after a great explosion of planets and stars, the God of the Universe to set things right in a way to generate the rise of life, sweated so much that a drop of sweat succeeded. to penetrate every obstacle and reach the Earth.

“The drop” by Beatrice Brandini

This small droplet gave rise to the rising of the seas and consequently to water and life (this is why sea water is salty). It was therefore the effort and sweat that gave life to all natural processes, creating an inseparable connection between all things and generating humanity.

But survival on Earth was at risk because the temperature was too low, in fact seeing an innocent girl who shivered like a leaf, despite her jute scarf, and who probably would not survive, the Lord was moved and, very angry, thinking of having failed the Creation, he struck his fist so hard on a nearby small star. This shattered into billions of pieces, one of which, the brightest of all, became the Sun, fueling an ideal climate for survival.

“The fist on the star” by Beatrice Brandini

The little girl was saved, smiled again and had the opportunity to grow up and give new life. That day was our current Christmas day. The satisfied Lord gave a name to that little girl who had given hope back (this is precisely where hope comes from) even to himself, calling her Stellina. And since that day his special wand has a small star at the top.

“Stellina  with her jute scarf” by Beatrice Brandini

Unfortunately, from that very violent impact, and from its consequent shattering, not only the Sun came out but also many other fragments, one of these, dark and dull, instead of pulverizing itself in the atmosphere, settled on the Earth, bringing negative energy and giving rise to that force that we call “evil”. The two forces created by God involuntarily originated the infinite challenge between good and evil.

“The Temptation” di Beatrice Brandini

Christmas reminds us every year that “The beauty of life” is LIFE itself. That everything always depends on ourselves, on our strength, on the heart with which we face challenges, on hope, sharing, altruism, work, good ideas, but above all on that positive force that created the Sun. For this reason we should consider “the beauty of life” not only on Christmas day, but every day of the year.

Temptation is always around the corner but it is our intelligence, experience, our integrity, together with the help of someone who supports us from above with his “Stellina” magic wand, to remind us every time to chase this away. cruel force that assumes myriad forms, always making the Good that we all have within us prevail.

“The magic wand Stellina” by Beatrice Brandini

This story, fruit of my imagination (and of my heart), I want to dedicate it to a gentleman, whom a friend of mine knows very well, whose words, this summer, made me reflect.

One day, when the weather was terribly bad, he revealed to me that she still went to work by bicycle, despite the long distance, the traffic and the pitfalls of the road. But to my question “Isn’t it dangerous to use the bike every day to go to work in any situation? He replied, with absolute calm, aware of the danger, of no, since he was protected by God.

Now I understand where his calm derives from, the reason is because every day he behaves correctly and sincerely with everyone. Now I know very well and I must say that this belief in him, really makes you stronger; if you have that hope on your side, you can always leave again, even when, as in this period, we have to face great difficulties.

Thanks Friend for letting me know and thanks to your special protector you have chosen, there is probably no better one.

Good life to everyone! 








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