In Forlì, at the San Domenico Civic Museum, The art of fashion, the age of dreams and revolutions 1789 – 1968

Manifesto: The art of fashion, the age of dreams and revolutions

Carole by Beatrice Brandini

In Forlì, from 18 March to 2 July, at the Civic Museum of San Domenico, an unmissable exhibition connects art and fashion, emphasizing the social and cultural role of fashion.

Francesco Hayez Portrait of Selene Taccioli Ruga

It is an exhibition that offers the visitor 200 masterpieces of art (from Giovanni Boldini to Lucio Fontana, from Joseph Tissot to Eduard Manet, from Matisse to Mondrian) and 100 dresses (Armani, Versace, Prada…, but also the Sixties of Germana Marucelli) emphasizing the role of fashion as a form of power and an extraordinary means of communication.

Giovanni Boldini Portrait of Countess Speranza

From the end of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century, the relationship between artists and fashion became ever closer, the painter no longer limited himself to portraying the elegance of the painted subject, but himself became a stylist and communicator of fashion, a collector of of art to inspire his creations and reinforce his contemporary aesthetic.

Matisse Femme et anémones

Fashion painted, portrayed, sculpted, created by great artists. The dress that shapes, hides, dissimulates the body. The dress as a sign of power, wealth, recognition but also of protest. All this is present in the beautiful exhibition in Forlì.

Romaine Brooks Le Printemps

Fashion communicates its status and today more than ever, its identity, creating a strong bond between the wearer and the object worn.


Giuseppe Capogrossi Surface 76 bis and Balestra dress inspired by Capogrossi

Conceived and created by the Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì Foundation and in collaboration with the Municipality of Forlì and the Civic Museum of San Domenico, the exhibition is directed by Gianfranco Brunelli and curated by Cristina Acidini (famous historian of art and costume history, as well as Superintendent of the Florentine Museum Complex), and by Enrico Colle, Fabiana Giacomotti and Fernando Mazzocca.

Germana Marucelli dress Assira Line

“Along the way through the exhibition, said Gianfranco Brunelli, the portraits of the most famous artists will be in counterpoint to the clothes of the time, in some cases reconstructed on the basis of careful documentation and in others borrowed, as for the paintings, from the major collections of the world”.

Salvatore Ferragamo décolleté Tirassegno

Leo Putz Lady in Blue

“Either you are a work of art or you wear it” Oscar Wilde

Good life to everyone!



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