In Pisa, at Palazzo Blu, IGORT Through shapes

A drawing by Igort

“Mary” by Beatrice Brandini

One of the most popular contemporary Italian artists, author of award-winning graphic novels, illustrator, musician, director, publisher… will be the protagonist of the exhibition IGORT Through shapes, which from 18 May to 10 September will be hosted in the magnificent Palazzo Blu in Pisa.


5 is the perfect number, drawings and tables by Igort

The stories of Igort, pseudonym of Igor Tuveri, have been translated all over the world, and in the exhibition Through shapes, you can admire an extraordinary series of original drawings taken from some of his greatest successes.


Fast Waller, drawings and plates by Igort (the story of a great jazz musician in the dramatic context of the Second World War)

Fast Waller, drawings and tables by Igort


Fast Waller, drawings and tables by Igort

It starts with 5 is the perfect number that allows you to deepen the noir side and open up, with its sudden cuts and the pressing rhythm of the vision on an almost monochromatic background, to the cinematographic field and to the film of the same name. Fast Waller immerses us in a sophisticated jazz atmosphere, reinforcing Igort’s bond and love for music. Brillo. La guerra degli ovetti is a link between distant universes, transporting the character of Yuri in the western world, dominated by a senseless war. Sadly, a topical issue.


Brillo. La guerra degli ovetti drawings and tables by Igort (published in the pages of Linus, it is the story of a little soldier with apparently childish and reassuring shapes, who takes part in the absurd “guerra degli ovetti”)


Brillo. La guerra degli ovetti, drawings and tables by Igort

Brillo. La guerra degli ovetti, table of Igort

Infine i Quaderni giapponesi invitano a riflettere sull’incontro di culture e sul linguaggio logo-iconico del fumetto.

Japanese notebooks, drawing by Igort (with an autobiographical slant Igort recounts a journey to discover Japanese culture and soul)

The artist was the first Westerner to draw a manga in Japan, publishing his works in all the most prestigious Italian and international magazines. He drew on the famous underground magazine Frigidaire, exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1994, designed a Swatch that became a bestseller.


The press conference of the IGORT exhibition Through shapes

The artist Igort at a press conference

Igort was not present at the press conference due to the tragic and dramatic events that have hit Emilia Romagna in recent days (Igort lives in Bologna), but connected remotely. I would have liked to tell him to be seen more often, to speak not only through his splendid artistic talent, as the chat with the press was very interesting and absolutely motivating. This brilliant gentleman has transported us into his world, characterized above all by curiosity and the desire (or need) to never stop. The education minister should assign him a position, even limiting himself to talking to young people to tell them how a passion can become a talent and the privilege of doing what we love, giving the word “work” a different connotation. To give them another important teaching, the one that comes from himself, since, despite the fame and recognitions obtained in his extraordinary career, he still wants to experiment and measure himself against new challenges. Great!

Drawing by Igort

Good life to all and Bon voyage with Igort!






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