Inside Dalì: the dreamlike, imaginary, ironic world of the great artist in Florence

“Astonishment” by Beatrice Brandini

Banner “Inside Dalì

A new major digital exhibition entitled Inside Dalì is inaugurated today at the Santo Stefano al Ponte complex in Florence, created by Crossmedia Group with the support of the Gala Salvador Dalì Foundation.


Images of Inside Dalì at Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence

A multi-sensory experience that I had the pleasure of experiencing and that I highly recommend to everyone, a wonderful way to get lost in the imaginative world of the Catalan artist.

“The sleep” by Salvator Dalì

“Gala Placidia” by Salvator Dalì

“Girl at the window” by Salvator Dalì

Together with more well-known images, the visitor will have the opportunity to confront the multiple genius of Dalì, probably seeing for the first time less known and usual productions of the surrealist master.

Detail of “A second before waking up from a dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate” by Salvator Dalì

“Galarina” by Salvator Dalì

“The temptation of Saint Anthony” by Salvator Dalì

The press conference with the curators of the exhibition

In fact, Dalì is not only the great artist that the whole world knows, but this character with a thousand facets and personalities, he was also a producer of records and books, an advocate of advertising campaigns (such as those for the French railways), an actor and performer . The multisensory experience offered by Inside Dalì is a way to get closer to what is probably the most iconic figure of surrealism, enhancing his whole world, also thanks to the magnificent place, the Cathedral of the Image of Florence, which houses the exhibition.


Watercolors by Salvator Dalì dedicated to the Divine Comedy


Watercolors by Salvator Dalì dedicated to the Divine Comedy

Disc covers made by Salvator Dalì

Also present and important are the 100 original woodcuts taken from the watercolors that the artist made for the Divine Comedy (we are in the 700th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri), a project that the State Polygraphic Institute commissioned from Dalì in 1950. It is known that the The artist worked with great enthusiasm on the project, which developed over a period of nine years, but which never saw the light of a sterile and parochial controversy (why Dalì and not an Italian artist to illustrate the Supreme Poet?).

Mouth / Pillow project by Salvator Dalì

A photo of Carl Van Vatchen portraying Salvator Dali with Man Ray, 1934


Pictures from the Inside Dalì exhibition

This is the first exhibition that Crossmedia Group produces after a two-year stop, or after a particularly difficult period for the cultural sector.

I therefore hope that this exhibition will be a strong incentive to return to admire art while also approaching a younger audience. During these heavy months of pandemic we have been deprived of many things, seeing museums, exhibitions, cultural events is a way to forget, socialize and enrich our life that never before needs stimulation and beauty.


Pictures from the Inside Dalì exhibition

Banner “Inside Dalì”


Surrealism’s mood by Beatrice Brandini


Surrealism’s mood by Beatrice Brandini

Good life to everyone!



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