LEGO: bricks that come to life and make children’s dreams come true.

“Death on the head”, creation of my son

“LEGO groupies” by Beatrice Brandini

I have spoken several times about toys, indispensable means for entertainment and the company of children, but also a way to bring back the great ones to the joys of childhood, and finally protagonists of exhibitions like objects of art and collecting.

But the LEGO deserves a completely separate discussion.


Bricks In Florence Festival show


Bricks In Florence Festival show

Finally a game that in addition to entertaining children, moves their neurons, making them think and create, often something new and unconventional, like my son does.

The LEGO is the second best-selling toy in the world (it is estimated that 7 sets are sold per second!), And it is paradoxical if we consider that it was conceived almost by accident by an unemployed person who had to reinvent himself a job after the great crisis of 1929 , the Danish Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Ole, who was a carpenter, began producing bricks with scrap wood to let his children play; in 1934 he called his company LEGO, from the Danish LEg GOdt, which means “play well”.

But it was only in 1958 that in the city of Billund (still the headquarters of the LEGO Group) the application was filed to patent the brick as we know it today, or with the tubes at the bottom that allow a perfect joint.


Bricks In Florence Festival show

In 1999 the LEGO game was called the toy of the century.

The famous 2×4 brick can be combined in more than 915 million possible ways.

Bricks In Florence Festival show

Bricks In Florence Festival show


Bricks In Florence Festival show

Bricks In Florence Festival show

With these bricks, they all play, small and large, never tire, timeless stories, characters, images and constructions are born. It is a timeless game that has always existed, our parents played it and probably also in our grandparents, but we are not yet “satiated”.


Bricks In Florence Festival show


Sculptures by the artist Tary


Kosmas Santos creations, everyday objects with LEGO bricks

“The Art of Brick” exhibition by LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya


For some years hey have even been organizing Briks Festivals, or itinerant events dedicated to the most famous colorful brick in the world. I have participated several times in those of Florence, the success of the public has always been extraordinary. Some photos of this post were taken at the Briks Florence Festival. Months of work, sometimes even years, are needed to build the works we admire, emphasizing once again that, with imagination and the perfect system of interlocking brickworks, you can make real masterpieces.

Disneyland Paris flag store LEGO


Disneyland Paris flag store LEGO


Disneyland Paris flag store LEGO

We could call LEGO a “therapy”, it is a fervent supporter David Beckham who has stated several times that he is playing with it to fight anxiety. Or Richard Hammond, the famous host of the Top Gear program, who declared how to build models was therapeutic during rehabilitation after a serious car accident.

In 2006, the company, which has over 19,000 employees, was nominated by the prestigious Working Mothers magazine as one of the 100 best companies in the world for working mothers. One more reason to be passionate about this product.


Movie Posters, fantastic!!!


Movie Posters

In these images there are some creations of my son, a true LEGO fan.

Project for the construction of a Warrior Robot of my son

“Warrior Robot” creation of my son   

“Warrior Robot” creation of my son


“Robots and The Clock Man” creations of my son


“The Ghost Barracks” creation of my son


“Skiers on rubber” creations of my son

 “Robot on rubber” creation of my son


“Robots” creations of my son

“The Iron Giant” creation of my son

“Robots” creations of my son

“The Protagonists of Fear” creation of my son

“The Queen” creation of my son

“The Extendable Man” creation of my son

“The Green Mask” creation of my son

My son loves the LEGO and there is no day that does not get our hands on it, it has a lot of it, it often even changes and returns the standard constructions, giving life to real personal creations, even rather imaginative (the cover of this post is from him!). When he plays with LEGO he relaxes, a healthy creative silence that does not hurt even the adults. Children usually with toys and games are very fickle, in a moment they set them aside, with LEGO this does not happen, and, if it happens, after a few days they happily return to the magic bricks. Because creating is the most beautiful thing in the world, even if only a miniature.



Some examples of accessories, the main inspiration of which was LEGO


Mood and Sketches inspired by the LEGO of Beatrice Brandini


Mood and Sketches inspired by the LEGO of Beatrice Brandini

Goodbye from some of LEGO’s favorites; “Mise en place” of my son

LEGO and UNTIED, MOUNT and DISMANTLE, ATTACK and DETACHMENT, DESTROYING and CREATE…, but I never get tired and the result is always creative, artistic and rewarding, truly a pleasure of life.

Thanks Lego and thanks Ole Kirk for giving happiness and making millions of children smarter, including mine too!

Good life to everyone!






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