Milano Unica MU COMMUNITY – Fall – Winter 2024/25

Milano Unica Trends A/I 2024-25

Mood Board Culture Community by Beatrice Brandini

Milano Unica presented a strong concept to illustrate the autumn winter 2024/25: sharing, belonging, welcoming, inclusion, or MU Community.


Photos of the event at the Spazio Calabiana in Milan

It was a wonderful meeting for the previews of the trends that will be featured at the next July fair. The key concept is to explore humanity, with its peculiarities and sensitivities, but also with its curiosities and emotions; man is at the center of the world, a humanistic and Renaissance concept, which looks at the environment and nature as an essential force in our lives.

Milano Unica Trends Preview at the Spazio Calabiana

Stefano Fadda Milano Unica Artistic Director and Elisa Pervinca Bellini Sustainability and Fashion Editor Vogue Italia

“… Everything that is elaborated and produced must serve the respect for nature and the physical and spiritual well-being of the individual to improve the quality of life of every single person and therefore of the community, understood as a place for sharing fundamental values and principles, starting with ecological sensitivity” explains the concept by the artistic director of Milano Unica, Stefano Fadda.

Real or virtual, there are three archetypal forms of Community identified by the creative team of Milano Unica:


Mood Board Family Community by Beatrice Brandini


Milano Unica Family Community Trends Preview fabrics and accessories


Milano Unica Family Community Trends Preview fabrics and accessories

Family Community focuses on the family as the primary nucleus of the community, the ideal place to recharge one’s energies, rest, be free and reassured. The aesthetic is informal, it refers to simplicity and naturalness. The Materials are soft, the wools envelop the body in a tactile and sensory exchange, the designs recall classic themes and the jacquards are vintage. For women, buffed yarns and enveloping materials. Accessories: the trimmings have high edges, and are made of chenille, brushed wool, they have fringes made with bouclé yarns. The buttons are natural, in wood and horn, sometimes covered in fur or wool. The colors are warm, the protagonists are the shades of brown with pastel incursions.

Mood Board Night Community by Beatrice Brandini


Milano Unica Night Community Trends Preview fabrics and accessories


Milano Unica Night Community Trends Preview fabrics and accessories

Night Community Berlin and Parisian atmospheres of the late eighties. The distinction between masculine and feminine is no longer clear, in fact the Materials are the same for him and for her: double face cashmere, worked leather or brushed leather. Coatings, luminescence, glossy treatments. Accessories are mainly in leather and metal, there are decorative pins and chains. The colors are those of the gray scale, the nightlife is expressed by shaded shades, tone on tone and chiaroscuro.

Mood Board Culture Community by Beatrice Brandini


Milano Unica Culture Community Trends Preview fabrics and accessories


Milano Unica Culture Community Trends Preview fabrics and accessories

Culture Community, tailoring and couture are the keywords. A look between past and future, tradition and avant-garde. Hedonistic atmosphere, see Materials herringbone, salt and pepper with volumetric consistencies; the shirting is sculptural and rigorous, the jacquards are made with fil coupé. For women, lacquered macramé, embroidered poplin and very light voile. Accessories become exclusive, eccentric pieces, such as twin buttons, chains, important buckles. Lots of fringes. White and cream colors alternate with carmine.

As always, what Milano Unica offers its public is a very interesting journey, a journey that highlights the formidable skills of its exhibitors, capable of creating fabrics and accessories that are unique in the world.

Good life to everyone!



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