MU+ Digital sustainable creativity Trends: Milano Unica Spring – Summer 2025 collections

Banner Milano Unica

Mood Design by Beatrice Brandini

In Milan, at Garage 21, the trends for Spring – Summer 2025 were drawn up by one of the most important organizations in the textile and accessories sector at an international level: Milano Unica.


Some images of the presentation inside Garage 21 in Milan

MU + or MU PLUS is the concept for the next Spring – Summer 2025, where the suffix PLUS indicates an increase in both the analysis tools underlying creative research and the contents, with the support of artificial intelligence, the protagonist of contemporary living.

Banner concept MU +

The artistic director of Milano Unica, Stefano Fadda, wanted to exploit the potential of AI as a tool to explore new roads and new paths, a precious aid to human inventiveness and creativity, of which Made in Italy, with its extraordinary textile companies, has consolidated and characterized its fame and beauty.

The MU PLUS format is therefore a container within which creativity, sustainability, digitalization, ethics, design, intelligence, instinct, vision and human-digital collaboration interact.

There are three focuses which in turn identify three different environments and therefore collections:

Mood MU + REGENERATION by Beatrice Brandini


Concept MU + REGENERATION fabrics and accessories Milano Unica


This theme includes three categories with the same vision of regenerated fashion, both in a material sense and thanks to the use of AI.

Cotton, wool, silk, hemp, or synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester.

The colors are a sophisticated palette of milky tones, such as cream white, dusty pink, wax yellow and mineral grey, enlivened by a greedy pink and a coral pink, warmed by a red/burgundy and embellished with platinum.

Mood MU + DESIGN by Beatrice Brandini


Concept MU + DESIGN fabrics and accessories  Milano Unica

The second theme is MU + DESIGN: CLASSIC + SHIRTS + PRINTS.

This theme identifies three categories that use AI to create a dreamlike, graphic and pictorial theme

The colors are characterized by pastel tones, with sky blue and leaf green, with neutral bases, such as flour and pistachio, enhanced by a saturated red, a bright yellow and attenuated by ash gray and ocher.

Concept MU INTERACTIVE by Beatrice Brandini


Concept MU + INTERACTIVE fabrics and accessories Milano Unica


This last theme identifies 3 concepts: on the one hand the technical and performance characteristics of the fabrics are highlighted and on the other the glamorous and purely aesthetic aspect.

Experimentation allows the transformation of activewear into a glam, extremely feminine style (ballroom, sexy and night), in search of a balance between functionality and fashion.

The colors are bright pigmented tones of pomegranate red, turmeric orange and sapphire blue, brightened by copper and silver foils. But also incandescent brown, camouflage green and black.

It is always extremely interesting and motivating to experience these days, to see the skill of silk factory, woolen mills, cotton mills… what they are capable of doing with fabrics and accessories, every season. Italian fashion is also great thanks and above all to its raw materials which are envied, copied, and fortunately bought, all over the world.

The appointment with the fair will be in February 2024, this was just a taste.

Good life to everyone!



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