PITTI FILATI 2014, S/S 2015 collection

1 Stendardo

74° Pitti Immagine Filati  

Copertina blog B

“Trends” by Beatrice Brandini

I went to see the Pitti Yarn and as always I was excited by the beauty and variety of proposals and the set-up, striking but also rich content, Space Research.

2 Play

In this edition of Space Research explores the theme PLAY, the game is understood in its multiple facets. Different proposals, evocative images of completely different worlds, but they all share a sense of freedom and a positive energy. The term Play, which has many meanings in English, he wanted to be an ode to the expression of oneself, the desire to play, fun, lightness.

The power of this area is to evoke, to convey the feelings of stress, of the inputs, we visitors and users of this magical space, we can assimilate it and turn it into a personal vision.

3 bizzarre 2    4 bizzarre 3

5 bizzarre 4    6 bizzarre 5    7 bizzarre 7

Theme Bizarre Space Research

8 Lego    9 Lego 2

10 Lego 3    11 Lego 4

Theme Lego Space Research

12 diva    13 diva 2

14 diva 3    15 diva 4

Theme Diva Space Research

 16 Playstation 2    17 Playstation

18 Palystation 3    19 Palystation 4

Theme Palystation Space Research

20 Body    21 Body 2    22 Body 3

Tema Body dello Spazio Ricerca

23 Doll    24 Doll 2    25 Doll 3

26 Doll 427 Doll 5    28 Doll 6

Theme Doll Space Research

 29 surreal    30 surreal 2

31 surreal 3    32 surrreal 4

Theme Surreal Space Research

 33 Soul

34 soul 5    35 Soul 2

36 soul 3    37 soul 4

Theme Soul Space Research

38 mime    39 mime 2    40 mime 3

Theme Mime Space Research

 41 rock    42 rock 2    43 rock 3

44 rock 4    45 rock 5

Theme Rock Space Research

 46 shadow    47 shadow 2

48 shadow 3    49 shadow 4    50 shadow 5

Theme Shadow Space Research

I created mini Mood Board of my personal tendencies, based on my intuition about what I saw, what I feel about participating in the future. Adding sketches to complete a global vision.

51 Irregular per Blog     Figurino Irregular

IRREGULAR MOOD by Beatrice Brandini            Sketches Beatrice Brandini

The first issue I have defined IRREGULAR, in honor of all the irregular surfaces of course present at the fair, but also in fashion. Twisted wires, stranded cotton, granular, dotted …. fringes, tunnels, actually “done by hand”. The image of the Mood Board emphasizes this desire of craftsmanship, of things well as they once did, but also suggestions of distant worlds, civilizations, where the surfaces are aged, spoiled, destroyed … but rich in history. The colors are earthy, brown, rust, terracotta, but also with optical white that here becomes dirty.

Delicate per Blog-jpg    Figurino Delicate

DELICATE MOOD by Beatrice Brandini              Sketches Beatrice Brandini

The second theme is DELICATE, a little ‘fairy tale, a little’ dreamy, delicate …. Precious yarns, effects of tulle, featherweight, ultra-fine yarn, transparent, soft. As cupro blends with silk, cotton and viscose, polyamide with hand crepe. Colours are dusty pastels, with pink, mimosa, mint.

53 Modren per Blog    Figurino Modern

MODERN ’50’s-60’s MOOD by Beatrice Brandini     Sketches Beatrice Brandini

The third theme is Modern 50’s – 60’s, where the ‘inspiration is the architecture of those years, especially in the forms of houses and buildings, and objects of common use. Effects stripes, polka dots, jacquard, in a nutshell geometric structures. Many cottons, but also viscose and polyamide. Important touches sporting ribbons, bands, technical underwear outside. The colors are vibrant, but a little ‘vintage.

54 Natural per Blog    Figurino Natural

NATURAL MOOD by Beatrice Brandini                 Sketches Beatrice Brandini

The last theme Natural, is a theme that takes inspiration from nature but also understood as everyday life, such as awareness of ethics. Shiny surfaces, blends, cottons and metallic effects ….. Linen. Marine colors, blue, green, in countless shades.

Under some proposals of the group E. Miroglio, the essence of femininity, class, elegance and creativity whispered … The common thread is light weight, only sometimes combined with models more structured and important.

55 Miroglio 2    56 Miroglio

Proposals E. Miroglio

 57 Miroglio 4    58 Miroglio 3

Proposals E. Miroglio

 59 Miroglio 5    60 Miroglio 6

Proposals E. Miroglio

 61 Miroglio 7

E. Miroglio, one of my favorites!

62 miroglio 9    63 miroglio 10

Proposals E. Miroglio, metallic effects and lacquers.

 64 millefili

Stand Millefili, beautiful!

 65 millifili 2    66 millifili 3

Proposals Millefili

 67 Millefili 5    68 millifili 6

Proposals Millefili, very creative, very interesting

 69 Ormo 3    70 Ormo    71 Ormo 2

Stand Ormo, beautiful optical proposal

 72 DI.VE    73

Proposals DI.VE’, a little ‘hippy a little’ romantic, however different

 74 filartex

Wall stand Filartex 

Beautiful this edition of Pitti, a lot of people, many foreigners and many buyers … maybe the recovery is closer … I wish you all these amazing producers who with dedication, professionalism and imagination work hard, despite the many difficulties that this country through and at company level, overlooking a little ‘.

Good life to all!


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