Pitti Filati 75th: THE yarn Fair, collections and trends A/W 2015 – 16. Part Two.


Vintage Yarn (Tolt yarn and wool) 

2 e 24 made in steppes BB

Made in Steppes, mood board of Beatrice Brandini 

Pitti Immagine Filati is not only an exhibition of raw materials, excellent yarn, colors, fabrics, jacquard, denim (in this issue!) and items made by talented designers, Pitti Filati is where creative people going to make your own work, hence they develop trends over the fashion, trends that go to all Lifestyle.

Continuing the discussion on this edition of Pitti Filati I want to emphasize the beautiful  project of MODA FUTURIBILE (futuristic). In broschure that they gave me there is this phrase that struck me and which I feel completely in harmony: futuristic, “after 1960 the term was used to indicate to the object of a particular type of research focused on  the future as a conscious choise  between possible futures, in the context of a global and interdisciplinary approch …. ” And:  Futuristic fashion is one that iunbinds itself from the sectorial character to become an element of reserch with a transverse  and interdisciplinary approch. The added value of MODA FUTURIBILE is the creation of synergy between all the actors of the project (the exhibition, the creator and coordinator of the project, chosen manufacturing companies, designers and stylists, visitor), with all the advantages that this entails. And it is absolutely  the same for me, from my idea. The technology is an exceptional boost to progress, but without creativity, without THE IDEA, becomes “sterile”, fashion has to capitalize on his natural talent (creativity and aesthetics) to go further. Behind this project there is Dyloan Studio, which organizes research and development with the goal of leading stylists, designers and companies to interact and explore possible applications of the technology.

3   4   5

Three proposals for Kristy Krivak “knitwear and double”. Very feminine and romantic dresses and timeless outerwear, a really a perfect combination of tradition (craftsmanship) and technology (thermowelds and laser cuts).

6   7   8

Three proposals for Vito Colacurcio, a reworking of the male wardrobe at the beginning of the century in a contemporary way, the functionality is combined with the tradition and the desire to experiment, even with a touch of irony.

9    10

11    12

Four proposals Carlo Volpi, religious images freed from their original meaning to become pure aesthetics. The designer explained that the start was, with humor and modesty, a statement of the immense Margherita Hack, in which she explained that it is the curiosity (and science) to push the man to go forward, rejecting the truth of others, especially the acceptance of the faith as a dogma,  just as Eve ….


A proposal by Edward Buchanan (unfortunately only one!). “Classics” pieces but intricately detailed, beautiful proportions, interesting use of materials. 

The following images arre the proposals yarns in Space Research of Pitti Immagine with conclusive Mood Board MADE IN. For those who had “lost” the first part of the post, this sentence  want underlined in practice all our know-how, know how to live, know how to eat, know how to sing and belong to a culture of beauty as having done his strength, the ability to know how to share (by offering it) with the other. I added my mood board with sketches, images and short description of what they mean to me and what I have seen / heard / imagined …

14 voodoo2    15 voodoo3

Two proposals MADE IN WOODOO in the space research of Pitti Yarn

16 voodoo4    17 voodoo5

Two proposals MADE IN WOODOO in the space resarch of Pitti Filati

18 made in voodoo BB

Made in Voodoo, mood board di Beatrice Brandini

19 stone    20 stone2

Two proposals MADE IN STONE in the space research of Pitti Filati

21 made in stone BB

Made in Stone, mood board of Beatrice Brandini

22 steppes 2    23 steppes

Two proposals MADE IN STEPPES in the space resarch of Pitti Filati

2 e 24 made in steppes BB

Made in Steppes, mood board of Beatrice Brandini

25 blue4   26

Two proposals MADE IN BLUE  in the space resarch of Pitti Filati

27 blue5

28 made in blue BB

MADE IN BLUE in space research Pitti Yarn + Mood board of Beatrice Brandini

29    30

Two proposals MADE IN OUTBACK  in the space resarch of Pitti Filati


32 made in outback BB

MADE IN OUTBACK in space research Pitti Yarn + Mood board of Beatrice Brandini

Finally beautiful, as always, the exhibition space of FEEL THE YARN, where 19 designers from China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the UK have created a mini knit collection, full of ideas, hints, suggestions. This year inspiration was the atmospheric environment, with FROST,  the STONE and the GROUND to lead. I photographed what impressed me the most, but I did not shoot at all the proposals …. What a pity!

33    34

Yuqi Cai

35    36

Yu Yangyang e Ayako Ohta

37    38

Eri Naito

39    40

Dorothea Birnstiel e Miya Budaeva

41    42

Theresa Brinkmann

43    44

Maria Brimelow e Caroline Sell

45    46

Alessandro Bruno e Matteo Domenichetti

47    48

E Wha Lim 

49    50

Matilda Norberg

51    52

Min-Hsuan Weng

53    54

Ka-ho Cheung

55    56

Keung Mei Yee

57    58

Yarn Di.Vé, creative ideas, suitable for a “polar” winter. Beautiful outdoor setting up the stand.

59    60

Yarn Di.Vé, proposals for nostalgic taste, a throwback to the 80s – 90s


Still beautiful display of Yarn Di.Vé

62    63 manifattura sesia 3

Nice proposals and evocative photographic exhibition from the Manufacture of Sesia 

Waiting for the next edition of February ….

Good life to all!



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