Pitti Filati, 89th edition, finally starts again! (Part One)

“I love WOOL” by Beatrice Brandini

The “Millefili” stand, ça va sans dire: PURE CREATIVITY

The 89th edition of Pitti Filati opened in Florence, at the Stazione Leopolda (magnificent!), Finally in presence, pure emotion.

Igea, highly fancy knitting yarns


Ilaria Manifatture Lane, fifty years of history of knitting and its yarns

Filmar, since 1958 great passion in producing high quality cotton-based yarns

Last year both the summer and winter editions of all the fairs organized by Pitti Immagine were canceled, a big blow to the supply chain, to tourism, to the induced formed by hoteliers, restaurateurs, traders, taxi drivers …., not to mention fashion, companies and all those small artisans, sometimes family-run, who have always made Made in Italy great.

Enola Cappellari, for Filati Biagioli Modesto


Enola Cappellari, for Filati Biagioli Modesto

The “Feel the Contest” space is always interesting, where talented students create surprising sweaters with the most prestigious Made in Italy yarns.

Edoardo Terribilini for Manifattura Sesia


Edoardo Terribilini for Manifattura Sesia

Raquel de Carvalho for SY by Torcitura di Domaso


Raquel de Carvalho for ISY by Torcitura di Domaso

I was excited, the pandemic making everyone more vulnerable, but walking into those corridors immediately made me smile again. Many, many beautiful things that have always been the basis of our creativity and craftsmanship, of our strength, Italians who know how to roll up their sleeves and react, the “artifacts” on display are proof of this.

Sara Zanetti for Tollegno 1900 Divisione Filati


Sara Zanetti for Tollegno 1900 Divisione Filati

Anna Baroni for Filmar


Anna Baroni for Filmar

The organization was also perfect, the guys on the outside who let in after viewing the various “Covid free” documents were very good (we didn’t get out and attention is still the greatest weapon to defeat this damned beast), in short, great day that I now share with you.

Stand Millefili, a company that produces high quality yarns distributed all over the world.


Delicious custom brushes by Millefili


The artist at work and my son in a brush version

Also surprising is the Millefili stand, which creates and offers its visitors something surprising for each edition. This year a talented artist personalized a brush with the photo of a person you chose. This is the result of “my” brush. We missed you, THANK YOU !!!!


E. Miroglio, world leader in the production of yarns, woven fabrics and knitted fabrics


Botto Giuseppe, since 1876, four generations who make beautiful knitwear

FIL.PA 1974, a lot of originality and quality.

In the next few days the part of the Research Area.

Good life to everyone!



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  1. I am passionate about fashion and I find your posts very interesting. It’s not often that bloggers share information or news, at least not for free. So thank you for the “democratic” work

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