Pitti Filati No. 86, the yarn festival is here! (part two)

“Pattern” Mood board by Beatrice Brandini

“Su Misura” Mood board by Beatrice Brandini

My story of Pitti Filati continues. A small “chronicle” to inspire those who could not visit the fair.

HERITAGE was the theme of the Research Area for the Autumn – Winter 2020/21. Heritage understood as a real creative and cognitive heritage of fashion companies from which all designers draw on for the development of their collections. The research space was in fact dedicated to the exhibitors at the exhibition, the real protagonists with their incredible creations. Fashion will finally be the protagonist again. It will be more elegant and classic, precious and sophisticated, even when it comes to sportswear.

The HERITAGE, in turn, was divided into six guiding themes on which I developed Mood boards.


“Su Misura” Mood board by Beatrice Brandini


Su Misura (Tailor-made) : history of fashion, where it all began, ie in the atelier. New volumes; basting as inspiration for symmetrical signs. Drapes. Color chart inspired by the six most iconic fashion houses of all time (Gucci, Hermes …).


“Parfum” Mood board by Beatrice Brandini

Parfum: Sublimation of the perfume and its evocative power. The knit is perfect, magnificent, couture; full-bodied, structured and decorated. Emphasis on the shoulders in a perfect 80s outfit. Jewel accessories. Warm colors inspired by the six most iconic perfumes of all time.


Libiamo” Mood board by Beatrice Brandini

Libiamo! Wine as history and tradition. Wine as territoriality. Flounced construction, textured and velvety knitwear. The color chart evokes Merlot, aged Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, etc.


Precious” Mood board by Beatrice Brandini


Precious: fine jewelry, the ancestral need to embellish and affirm one’s status also through the ostentation of precious jewels (in ancient times). Three-dimensional knit. Edges, necklines and slits will be emphasized by collier workmanship. Luminous surfaces moved by three-dimensional workings. Color chart inspired by the reflections of precious stones.

Coupè” Mood board by Beatrice Brandini


Coupè: perfect machines, true jewels of perfection for technology and aesthetics. Workmanship and stitching inspired by the ergonomic interiors of cars. Technological materials blend with natural ones. The color chart is inspired by the most iconic cars of all time.


Pattern” Mood board by Beatrice Brandini


Patterns: the designs of the upholstery, the brocades, the damask, the geometries inspire the meshes of this theme. Dusty colors.

This second series of images dedicated to Pitti Immagine Filati also ends here. In the coming days I will publish the third and final part.

Good life to everyone!




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