Pitti Immagine Filati: YARNS UNITED (part two)

“Nathalie in Blu” by Beatrice Brandini

SESIA Manifatture 1963

My journey continues through Pitti Immagine Filati, an extraordinary fair for trends and excellent artifacts (from the lat. Manu factus “handmade”, which is the work of man).

The final data of the fair confirm a small growth both for Italy and for international markets. However, what is fundamental to remember, and applies to all three fairs organized by Pitti, is the quality of the presences, confirming that the types of buyers, the style offices, the most important fashion houses, were there.

I start with CUSTOMEASY, a space dedicated to customization applied to luxury knitwear.







MILLEFILI: Always a great show the stand, for creativity, hospitality, generosity. This year the theme was that of fairy tales … ENCHANTING!




MILLEFILI proposals

MILLEFILI. An artist painted the outside of the stand alive


E. Miroglio: The proposals they present here at Pitti are always very sophisticated, both in the yarn stitches  and in the styles created.


E. Miroglio


E. Miroglio


E. Miroglio

FILPUCCI: Historical company, one of the world leaders for the production of high-end yarns for knitwear. Knitted proposals that look like fabric.






SHIMA SEIKI: Highly technological knitting machines. The garments made on the stand are, as always, an excellent business card!



Flag Pitti Uomo

Flag Pitti Bimbo

Flag Pitti Filati

Peruvian Alpaca: Beautiful these garments made with a noble yarn like that of the alpaca. Very very sophisticated!


Alpaca del Perù

Outfit by Camilla Conti, winner of the last edition of the X Contest competition, an event dedicated to aspiring stylists from the most important schools around the world.

Fil.Pa 1974: This beautiful “Boetti” map, made by the Prato-based company that makes Made in Italy its pride.


Di.Vé: fancy yarns and multicolor streaks that distinguish the production of this historic company from Biella


Ilaria: Creative knitting stitches for yarns for knitting and weaving .


SESIA Manifatture 1963: I found these proposals, to which I dedicated the cover, very beautiful, a company that makes innovation, creativity and sustainability their mission


Inside Vintage Selection (Cavaniglia Pavilion), or sensational vintage proposals for all tastes (luxury, avant-garde, street, military ..), always the preparation of A.N.G.E.L.O which in this edition was inspired by the flag as research of geometries and patterns, as a unique and universal language, with pieces from the 1960s to the early 2000s.


Vintage Flagship


Vintage Flagship


Vintage Flagship

“RAW” by Beatrice Brandini

RAW matter, material, touch. Irregular, knotty, sometimes metallic or shiny yarns to obtain shiny / opaque effects. Soft and oversized looks, tunics, wide trousers. Plissé, tie-dye, origami. Deep blue, air force blue, powder blue, peacock colors.

“COLOR SPORTY” by Beatrice Brandini

COLOR SPORTY color, optimism, mood 80 ‘; cult of the physical but in a joyful and ironic way. Street style. over, unisex; Bomber, k-way, legging, sneakers. Stripes. Multicolor, iridescent yarns, foil effects. Vitamin and flou colors.

“GENTLE” by Beatrice Brandini

GENTLE Vaporeo. Soft, transparent and luxurious yarns. Basic and wide looks, sculptural effects in details such as shooting and draping. Pastel colors, especially pink in dusty and opaque shades like mauve.

See you in July Pitti Filati! (1- 3/07)

Good life to everyone!



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