Pitti Uomo: Fall/Winter 2015-16. Part One


Wall “Walkabout”, 87 ° Pitti Uomo 

2 copertina

Mood “Patterns” by Beatrice Brandini

The 87th edition of Pitti Uomo is about to end … the series of men’s fashion world’s most important has recorded many records, visitors, magnificent presence among exhibitors (Marni fashion show!) and guest stars (including all Tilda Swinton!), equipment more and more theater, technical and ARTISTIC .., but especially beautiful products, many of Italian excellence, to other interesting international realities. Welcome Winter 2016!

The thing that struck me the most (apart from the increasingly fierce competition to see who shows off more eccentric outfits … but bloggers are really all so fashion “ego” addict?), Is the presence of ethnic groups from all over the world; elegant, creative, personal. Beauty is our diversity (culture, religion and taste), an important asset, a source of wealth and inspiration.


Area Unconventional, very interesting

4    5

Hood by Air, funny and well made these clothes full of “badge”; eccentric but interesting. Definitely different!

6    7

Dom Rebel Montreal, punk with grit and humor, interesting!

8    9

Dom Rebel Montreal, I fell in love with Mickey punk jacket!

10    11

Suzusan, fine scarves,  dyed, wrinkled, “craft”, beautiful


Suzusan, examples of processing live …


Chiper, sneakers innovative and refined

14    15

Benan Bal, small prototypes of an interesting turkish brand

16    17

Moveroma, hats flavor back ‘, felt, woven, velvet, alpaca, brushed, painted … WOW!




DJ set… 


A selection of American brands. At Pitti you can really find anything!


Palmer Trading, Yankee mood to this new camo suit


Palmer Trading


Filson, smart casual accessories

24    25

Jott, bright, colorful, and ultra lightweight duvets.


Mr. Gugu & Miss GO, T-shirts and sweatshirts all over printed. Funny

27    28

Bomboogie, beautiful female proposals. The down jacket is made punk-couture


Bomboogie, canvas bags washed


Bomboogie, ryder set ….

31    32

Di Mattia, construction in honor of the “Little Prince”, timeless LESSON. A classic style but modern in detail and fabrics

 33    34

Converse, old and customized, always a must have!

35    36



Converse in flower

38    39

Happiness, color, prints, applications, patchwork, so much joy and already want to Summer


Happiness from Rimini to Los Angeles

42    43



Happiness, as always an exhibition “theatrical”, hilarious, very nice

45    46

Happiness, Cuba mon amour

47    48


I developed four mood among the trends that I felt stronger at the fair.

49 mood 1

“Patterns and Fabrics”, Beatrice Brandini’s mood. Lots of fancy fabrics. Precious, baroque, floral-inspired Art Deco, geometric and artistic. For classic shapes or  more informal, where the design/pattern of the fabric is all.

50 mood 2

“Natural, Rural, Creative Wool”, Beatrice Brandini’s mood. Flavor “country”, almost rural and raw. Woven fabrics of wool tweed, shetland, mohair, thick wool, jacquard wool, wool seamless. Warm colors of nature

51 mood 3

“Denim Couture”, Beatrice Brandini’s mood. Denim casual but also “couture”, for processing, applications that transform the denim into something more valuable. Washes and finishes CREATIVE

52 mood 4

“Pop – Art Sport”, Beatrice Brandini’s mood. Sport becomes ART. The sweater or jog suit basic turns and becomes graphic, eccentric, artistic.

 53    54

Péro, collection with ethnic flavor but refined.


Péro, stand always interesting.


Secondskin, Japanese brand of Homewear. Refined and delicate, beautiful!



59    60

 Popsicle, delicious montgomery, two-tone and fit completely revised



Popsicle, delicious even the colors cards

63    64

Altea, fantasies  finest!

65   66


67    68 

Altea, vitamin colors for an excellent cashmere



James Lock & Co., beautiful hats tailoring, with the magnificent hatbox

72    73

Kinloch, magical and precious silk that seem stolen from “Arabian Nights”




Staging Pitti Immagine

76    77

Kanpekina, luxurious shoes with quirky touches

78    79

Massimo Alba, beautiful scarves and handkerchiefs in cashmere, with small “poems”, fragments of songs, ironic sentences. I liked very much

80    81

Massimo Alba


Ravazzolo, menswear formal luxury and quality



I’m still excited and stunned by the beautiful products viewed in the Fortezza, but especially happy because I feel that maybe, despite everything, the recovery is near. And if it will be, it will be only by and through enlightened entrepreneurs, great creative, skilled craftsmen …..

very soon the second part ….

Good life to all!








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