Fashion shows Autumn – Winter 2017-18: how will we wear next season!


… everything is ready, the show is about to begin!


Sketch “Masked Ball” by Beatrice Brandini

We have not pulled out our favorite sandals, dresses, shirts or t-shirts, which already talking about winter collections, FASHION never stops, in fact, the New Yorkers walkways, as Londoners, Parisian and Milan (already some weeks ago), were presented collections for the next season, showing us how we wear in about six months. Read more

Gaetano Pesce: the imaginative and unique jester design

1 G Pesce

“Majesty Betrayed” by Gaetano Pesce, Piazza S. Maria Novella, Florence 


“Polychrome” by Beatrice Brandini

Forty-eight years ago Gaetano Pesce created an armchair, the magnificent UP, the symbol of the woman prisoner of prejudice, the secondary role for the company, especially when compared to the male (the puff ball, bound with chains to the chair, a warning to female slavery). Terribly current topics, now present in the brutal daily news. Read more

MilanoUnica Trends: Fall – Winter 2018 / 2019


Banner MilanoUnica Fall – Winter 2018 / 2019 …. “Wet banner, banner lucky!”

2 e 18

Mood Board of Beatrice Brandini for Fall – Winter 2018 -19

New appointment with MilanoUnica, preview on the trends of the season Autumn – Winter 2018/19. Beautiful! As always suggestive location, this time the nice appendix of the Technical and Technology Museum of Milan, the Cavallerizze. But, most importantly, the substance, which is the theme exhibition (Cinema) and the presence of materials, workmanship, materials, accessories, really UNIQUE! Read more

LP: the most beautiful cover thanks to the artist’s touch!


“Connie” by Beatrice Brandini

2 lady-gaga-jeff-koons

Lady Gaga album “Artpop”, 2013. Statue artist Jeff Koons

A few days ago, on 12 March, it celebrated the 50th anniversary of the release of the first album The Velvet Underground & Nico. Only two of the talented musicians are still alive, John Cale and Maureen Tucker, but this disc from scarce commercial success (too ahead of its time, 1967), is considered one of the most significant and important album of music history (the first place for the Observer magazine in the list of “50 albums that changed music” and in 13th place for Rolling Stone magazine among the “500 best albums of music history”). Read more

Pitti Filati: Spring / Summer 2018… we wear all of knitting! Part one

1 Ginevra

“Ginevra” by Beatrice Brandini


Spazio Ricerca at Pitti Immagine Filati

The 80th edition of Pitti Filati closed with an increase in Italian buyers (+ 3.5%) and foreign (1%), a key figure to give confidence to the whole international yarn. A positive trend is confirmed for a some seasons, but above that shows how the leadership of the yarn is at home here in Florence at Pitti Filati. Read more