Paris Fashion week: S / S 2018


Vintage postcard “Paris”

2_e_16 Pop

“POP and DECORATIVE” mood by Beatrice Brandini

Paris finishes Prêt-à-Porter women’s fashion show for the next Spring Summer 2018. We have seen many proposals, in addition to the trends I have reported, it is worth mentioning also CHECK, FEATHERS, FRINGED, RAINPROF… Compared to a few years ago, today’s fashion is a bit more homologated, it’s easy to see what’s being proposed in New York in Paris or in Milan. We could tie this aspect the loss of a geographic-cultural identity as a result of globalization, but also the crisis that even conditioned creativity, in which daring means too often to risk. Read more

Milan Fashion week: S/S 2018


Milan “Gallery”


“Romantic femininity” by Beatrice Brandini

Milan fashion shows also ended, confirming that Italian fashion is the most beautiful of all. Yes, I know, it might seem pretentious and partial, but it is not true. Italian fashion combines, more than anything else, creativity, craftsmanship and above all, portability. This it’s means that unlike other realities and other designers, Maison and Italians creative are dressed in fantasy and merchantability, in other words, once they leave the catwalk, we can wear them. And believe me, it’s one of the hardest things. Read more

Pitti Filati 81th edition: trends and colors for the Fall – Winter 2018 – 2019. Third part


Feel the Yarn, 2017 – Theresa Scholl, photo by Beatrice Brandini


“BIODYNAMICS” by Beatrice Brandini

I continue with the proposals of the incredible layout of the RESEARCH AREA. Beautiful knit stitch inspired by THE HUMAN EDITION. Human being is increasingly looking for coordinates to follow, so the AI 2018-19 season will bring the focus of attention to man and its primary needs. Angelo Figus and Nicola Miller, the two artistic directors of this space, started from the figure of Rudolf Steiner, who in the late 1800s and early twentieth century was able to indicate a very clear path for contemporary man, a vision that Involved architecture, nutrition, well-being, health, art, pedagogy and movement. Elements needed yesterday, as today, to live harmoniously and perhaps for “survive.” Read more

Pitti Filati 81th edition: trends and colors for the Fall – Winter 2018 – 2019. Part Two


Feel the Yarn 2017, proposal by Yuan – Lung Kao, photo by Beatrice Brandini

2 Maestro

“Master” by Beatrice Brandini

Continue the journey to Pitti Filati. After the wonderful proposals of the students for the FEEL THE YARN 2017 competition, we are here at the other great event of Pitti Filati, the usual and always very interesting, “RESEARCH AREA” concept and fashion design by Angelo Figus and Nicola Miller. The theme of this edition was THE HUMAN EDITION, the man’s protagonist and his needs. In a particularly tense and complicated historical moment, it would be great (if not necessary) to put humanity in the center of the world, a community with its genetic, cultural and social heritage, ready to integrate, enrich, and help. Read more

Pitti Filati 81th edition: trends and colors for the Fall – Winter 2018 – 2019. Part One


“Want to knit” by Beatrice Brandini


Feel the Yarn 2017 – Valeria Grussu

The 81st edition of Pitti Filati ended, confirming the primacy of the fair with the most important spinning proposals both in terms of research and quality. Many international appearances, with positive figures from buyers from Japan, Russia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Turkey. But what is really important to Pitti Filati is the energy it transmits creatively, magnificent proposals made with the most amazing yarns, making our work, fatigue, efforts, and crisis much more bearable. Read more