Escher is in Florence!

Escher, Museo degli Innocenti, Florence

Jana by Beatrice Brandini

I have already dedicated two posts to this beloved artist, but today an exhibition in Florence celebrates him with 200 works, in the historic Museo degli Innocenti (designed by Filippo Brunelleschi) and with the collaboration of Arthemisia.

A glimpse of the exhibition

Until March 26, 2023, in fact, the museum will host an anthology with the most representative works of the famous Dutch artist; acute and reserved, with a unique and unmistakable style, in his famous engravings and lithographs he has explored art, mathematics, physics and science.

Escher: Day and Night

The exhibition presents some masterpieces known throughout the world and become iconic, such as the Hand with a reflective sphere (exhibition poster), the Bond of union, Metamorphosis, Day and Night and many others.

Internal view

The exhibition is also accessible to children, where paths characterized by games and installations have been designed, keeping faith with what was the peculiarity and history of this institute, that is a complex that for over six centuries has been involved in welcoming and educating children, supporting research and culture, especially dedicated to childhood and adolescence.

Escher: Bond of Union

There are also workshops for children, with the “Boys’ Workshop” inside the Museo degli Innocenti, where children can have fun with geometries and shapes, building small works of art themselves.

The exhibition is divided into eight sections, from the first works inspired by Art Nouveau, to those dedicated to the beloved Italy (Escher stayed in our country for many years), from geometric decorations, reproductions of tessellation motifs, to the Metamorphosis section. A truly complete and important exhibition to get to know this brilliant artist.

Escher: Hands that draw


Mood Black and White by Beatrice Brandini

Mood Black and White by Beatrice Brandini

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