Lorenzo Mattotti: ENCHANTED PASTELS…

Cover “The New Yorker”, Lorenzo Mattotti  “Doris” Beatrice Brandini Lorenzo Mattotti is one of the largest designers and contemporary artists. His works are published in the most important Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines like the New Yorker, Le Monde, Das Magazin, Nouvel Observateur, Corriere della Sera and Repubblica, and his books translated everywhere. Another […]

BLYTHE: more than a doll a style icon …

Blythe  “Brigitte” by Beatrice Brandini I’ve always been mad of Blythe dolls created in America in 1972 but withdrawn from the market after only a year, because they are considered ill-suited to girls, almost disturbing, perhaps for the expression of the eyes that change color and nuance, I’d say maybe even for a style and […]


 “Les Miserables” Poster  “The Candidate” Beatrice Brandini I decided to tackle a subject very little “glamor” but unfortunately necessary and relevant, especially after yet another suicide of “normal” people that the only way to find their condition and despair, is to take his own life… whether this is a normal thing and especially a normal […]

JOVANOTTI: supreme messagges

Jovanotti photo by R. Phibbs for Glamour 2012 “Cherubina” Beatrice Brandini  It ‘so I wanted to dedicate a post to Jovanotti, a little’ because I’ve always loved, witness my collection of all his cds, books, dvd, etc.. , but I think this time so tense and less than satisfactory fit to talk about a character […]