Alma Tadema: the sensual aesthetic

Banner of the exhibition  “Water Lily” by Beatrice Brandini In the cloister of Bramante in Rome there is a beautiful exposition of the greatest artists of the Victorian era, “Alma-Tadema and 800 English painters, Pérez Simón Collection”. For me, that time, that kind of painting, its characters, and especially Alma – Tadema, have always been […]

Giorgio Armani: the elegance of the King

Giorgio Armani, “Nadja” by Beatrice Brandini Giorgio Armani does not need a big presentation, it is a name known throughout the world, loved, valued, respected and followed …., a creative with his rigorous concept of elegance, purity, cleanliness…, has revolutionized the world and the feminine way to dress, creating “the Armani style”, an unmistakable style […]